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Product Name:Sub-rate serial to 64/128Kbps V.35 interface converter
Product Code:TC-700B
Product description:

TC-700B is a rate adaptation and interface conversion box. It performs (1) rate adaption for sub-rate to
64/128Kbps and (2) RS232/422/485 to V.35 interface conversion. TC-700B is equipped with DIP switch for rate and interface setup which is very convenient for field operation without any extra programming device.

  • Support sub-rate adaption to 64/128Kbps V.35 interface
  • Support asynchronous and synchronous sub-rate interface
  • Support asyn. rate: 300;600;1.2K;2.4K;4.8K;9.6K;14.4K;19.2K;38.4K;57.6K and 115.2Kbps
  • Support sync. rate: 1.2K;2.4K;4.8K;9.6K;14.4K;19.2K;38.4K;56K;64K and 128Kbps
  • Support sub-rate for RS-232/422/485 DTE and DCE interfaces
  • Support V.24 interchange circuit control

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TC-700B-Sub-rate serial to 64/128Kbps V.35 interface converter
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