Remote Device Administrator
TR-069 Auto Configuration Server

Delivering services to TR-069-enabled Customer Premise Equipment (CPE)? That has usually meant a complex network-wide web of services and products that may or may not behave when and how you
want. Until now…

Fine Point Technologies Remote Device Administrator is an industryleading, standards-based solution that eliminates the hassles of managing and monitoring TR-069 enabled CPE devices. It was designed to centralize the management for service fulfillment, assurance and provisioning of TR-069 compliant CPE.

The Remote Device Administrator creates an integrated environment in which your extensive list of Triple Play Devices, such as VoIP Analog Telephone Adapters (ATAs), DSL Modems, IP TV Set Top Boxes and Residential Gateways, can be managed from one console. That means happier customers, fewer truck rolls, easier product rollouts and considerably less stress for network managers!

You can manage each type of device for your growing list of services, all from one simple to use Auto Configuration Server (ACS). This provides considerable cost savings in provisioning and customer support.

Take Remote Device Administrator’s approach to device Data Models. Rather than involving administrators in a time-consuming task, data models are discovered with no interaction required. This extends to future TR-069 CWMP data models and devices. 

As a TR-069 Auto Configuration Server, The Remote Device Administrator offers service providers a host of benefits through one common application.


• Dynamic Data Model Support Discovers TR-069 Compliant devices’ Data Models and supports that device and Data Model with no interaction needed from an administrator

• Intuitive Web-Based Graphical User Interface Works with or without Service Management or OSS software, providing all the functionality available in the TR-069 Auto Configuration Server (ACS), as well as a SOAP/XML API for complete integration with existing call center interfaces, Element Management Systems, Billing Systems, etc

• Support Across Multiple Vendors and Services Offers multi-vendor TR-069 & TR-104 CPE device support. The Remote Device Administrator is interoperable with over 25 CPE vendors. New devices are becoming TR-069 compliant everyday and Fine Point’s certification lab is constantly adding new manufactures and models to our interoperability list. For a complete list of TR-069 compliant CPE devices that have completed full PD-128 interoperability with Fine Point’s ACS, please contact one of our local representatives in your region

• Manages a Complete Portfolio of Devices Takes advantage of the AdvancedTCA hardware specification from PICMG to manage highest possible potential number of devices

• Ongoing Compliance with Industry Standards Continued support for the TR-069 specification and its extensions from the Broadband Forum (formally the DSL Forum)