TC-505A-G.SHDSL Bridge / Router

TC-505A is a high-speed product of G.SHDSL series. Understanding the urgent needs of both bandwidth and routing functions, TC-505A is designed to provide the business customer a high performance stand alone unit with rich of routing features via single G.SHDSL line....  more
DB120-WL-4Port 11g Wireless ADSL 2/2 + Modem Router

DB120-WL is a 4-port wireless ADSL Modem, which can provide access to the Internet on Broadband mode, plus 4-port switch function. It integrates functions of Wifi Access Point and ADSL Router. Downstream up to 8Mbps (ADSL) and 24Mbps (ADSL2+), upstream is 1Mbps, its 10/100Mbps Ethernet LAN connectivity, integrated wireless AP and WAN interfaces provide users the flexibility of Internet connection....  more
DB108-WL-Single Port 11g Wireless ADSL 2/2 + Router

DB108-WL, is an all-in-one box, offers access to, high-speed broadband connections with the ADSL modem, also acting as a WiFi Access Point, supporting the establishment of a wireless LAN (WLAN). With the advantage of flexible connections, this equipment is suitable for the places, such as hotels, coffee shops, airports, bus stations, financial insititutes and family users....  more
DB102-Single Por t ADSL 2/2+ Modem

DB102 connects with computer through Ethernet interface. It is an ideal
choice of family users, office users and SOHO users. DB102 offers multiuser
scenarios with its built-in routing function. Flexible network buildup
mode and easy to use....  more