Product Name:CDMA 450MHz Fixed Wireless Phone
Product Code:V-600
Product description:

1.General Information

ChipsetVIA CBP5.1
FrequencyCDMA 450MHz Block A
Data Rate153.6Kbps
CDMA protocolIS-95A/B,IS-2000
Voice coding8KEVRC,13KQCELP
Display128*64 Dot-Matrix Graphic LCD, with style="padding: 3px 0;" backlight
Memory32M ROM, 8M RAM
Sound32 Poly
Talk time/Standby time(1200mah)3Hours/96Hours
Size175(L)x165(W)x38(H) mm

2.Basic Functions

CallingMake a callAuto dial after 6 seconds
Receive a call
Caller id display
Automatic Redial
Delay number send
Hand-free callAuto dial after 6 seconds (can be turn off th style="padding: 3px 0;"is function)
Silent mode
Call History

Missed 10, Dialed: 10, Received 10

Call forwardingNetwork support required
SMSSend messageInbox: 100 Items
Receive messageOutbox: 100 Items
Phone BookPhone Book200 Entries
DisplaySignal indication
Battery state indication
VolumeRing volume is adjustable
Handset volume is adjustable
KeypadDTMF Keypad

Speed dial
Network SettingLock SID
Lock Base ID

3. RF

3.1 RF receiving

Frequency Range462~468MHz
RX sensitivity-104dBm (FER ≤ 0.5%)
Range of receiving signal-104DBm~-25dBm( FER ≤ 0.5%)
Interference resistanceFER≤1.0% (-101dBm/BW,-30dBm@±900KHz)
Intermediation spurious response attenuationFER≤1.0% (test1:-101dBm/BW,+900/+1700KHz、-43dBm)
FER≤1.0% (test2:-101dBm/BW,900/-1700KHz、-43dBm)
FER≤1.0% (test3:-90dBm/BW,+900/+1700KHz、-32dBm)
FER≤1.0% (test4:-90dBm/BW,-900/-1700KHz、-32dBm)
FER≤1.0% (test5:-79dBm/BW,+900/+1700KHz、-32dBm)
FER≤1.0% (test6:-79dBm/BW,-900/-1700KHz、-32dBm)
Conducted spurious emission<-81dBm/1MHz(462~468MHz)
<-47dBm/30KHz (oth style="padding: 3px 0;"er frequencies)

3.1 RF Transmitting:

Frequency range452~458MHz
Max, power23dBm~27dBm@-104dBm
Min output power<-50dBm@-25dBm
Standby output power<-61dBm
TX timing error±1.0μs
Wave form quality>0.944
Open loop power(test 1:-25dBm/1.23MHz)-57.5~-38.5dBm
(test 2:-65dBm/1.23MHz)-17.5~+1.5dBm
(test 3:-104dBm/1.23MHz)+18~+30dBm
Conducted spurious emission-42dBc@±885kHz/30kHz

3.3 Antenna

Frequency bandwidthTX:450MHz~460MHz, RX:460MHz~470MHz,
Voltage standing wave ratio<2.0:1
Input resistance50Ω
Polarization formVertical polarization

4. Power Supply

4.1 Input Voltage

StateTypical voltage
Power supply by adapter6.6V DC
Power supply by battery3.6V DC

4.2 Power consumption

Max . Power consumption2.5W
Typical power consumption1.8WSignal strength style="padding: 3px 0;" is -75dBm
Power consumption in idle mode0.005WSignal strength style="padding: 3px 0;" is -75dBm

5. Working Condition

Working temperature-20°C ~ + 60°C
Storage temperature-30°C ~ + 70°

6. Accessories

6.1 Power Adapter

ItemTechnical Spec.
TypeSwitching power supply
Max. input current130mA
Efficiency≥ 78%
OutputVoltage6.6V DC

Max. current800 mA

6.2 Battery

Capacity1500 mAh

V-600 -CDMA 450MHz Fixed Wireless Phone
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